Company History

"Connecting people to businesses perfectly." It’s what we do.

At Biscayne Marketing, our company history is our family history. Our guiding business principles haven’t changed since our grandfather, Barney Cohen, opened an optical store in Manhattan in 1921. Over the years, Barney’s store became one of the most successful optical stores in the city of New York because he knew then what we practice now: A business will only grow if it, and the people who run it, earn a reputation for honesty, integrity and treating customers and employees with the utmost respect.

Barney’s three grandsons, Allen, Rick and Ken inherited his entrepreneurial spirit. In 1989, they too, opened an optical store in Manhattan. From this one store, a chain of stores grew, and became one of the first select few retail stores to offer contact lenses along with traditional eyewear. Firmly believing that innovation and new markets were the keys to growth, Allen, Rick and Ken tested a small classified ad in the back of the New York Times Sunday edition. The demand for contact lenses through the ad was so great, it transformed the company into one of the largest mail order and catalog contact lens sellers in the country.

From there, the company launched an online store. Years before the internet and ecommerce were household terms, the family was looking to innovate yet again and bring their products to new markets. Understanding the importance of integrating multiple and diverse sales channels with customer satisfaction led Allen, Rick and Ken in yet another, customer oriented direction.

Launched in 1992, Biscayne Marketing was the culmination of their successful experience in multiple retail channels: In-store, catalog and ecommerce. Biscayne Marketing began modestly with one computer and one phone. The business plan was a simple one: Provide superior customer care that results in an unequalled brand experience for each and every customer.

Today, almost 20 years later, Biscayne Marketing is one of the nation’s premier call centers with locations in Valley Stream, NY, Boca Raton, FL and our newest facility in St. Lucia.

Allen, Rick and Ken work hard to maintain the core business principles that Barney Cohen established when he opened his first store almost 80 years ago. Honesty, integrity and a “can do” attitude are what make Biscayne Marketing the best in the business.

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