The Crucial Intangibles

Potential. It’s the most important quality we look for when hiring our Customer Service Representatives.

A Customer Service Representative must be able to quickly and accurately determine how best to resolve a call. Whether a customer has a simple question about a client’s product or a more complicated issue that will take more time to solve, the Customer Service Representative has to effectively relate to the mood of the customer. Above all, he or she must be able to empathize with the caller.

Skills and Traits of Our Customer Service Representatives
One of the ways we effectively screen our applicants is by separating “skills” from “traits”. Both are important, but skills can learned while traits generally cannot.

Desired Skills

  • Computer
  • Data entry
  • Dexterity
  • Ability to be understood
  • Ability to quickly learn and apply knowledge of our clients’ products and services

Desired Traits

  • Calm demeanor
  • Confidence
  • Intelligence
  • Poise under pressure
  • Warmth

Our ongoing, comprehensive training program turns good Customer Service Representatives into superior Customer Service Representatives.
Customer Service Representatives at Biscayne Marketing are trained extensively in industry-wide standard practices and internal procedures. They are also thoroughly immersed in a client’s culture. The ability of our Customer Service Representatives to easily converse with your customers about your product or service is at the core of our training process.

Our Commitment to Training
In addition to professional full-time trainers, our training group includes accomplished Customer Service Representatives, project managers and supervisors. We believe that each of the more experienced members of the company has a responsibility to share his or her knowledge with newer members. Not only do our employees learn from the real-world experiences of their co-workers, they’re also empowered to share their knowledge with others. Customer Service Representatives also have 24/7 access to the Biscayne Marketing intranet that contains client marketing materials and customer service manuals written specifically for each client.

Client Participation in the Training Process
The most effective and exciting area of training is time spent with a client. Biscayne Marketing strongly believes that to truly understand a client’s brand, a Customer Service Representative must spend time with the client. The ability to meet with the client and his or team, to get a feel for the company’s culture and to see all of the client’s products or services facilitates a better understanding of how the company built and views its brand. Only a client can offer the precise company information and insight that shapes a Customer Service Representative’s relationship to the brand.

Understanding the Brand
Understanding what the brand means to consumers – why they buy it, what they expect from it – is the kind of in-depth knowledge our Customer Service Representatives have that helps them promote your brand with every customer.

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