Biscayne Marketing is a national TeleServices corporation based in Long Island, New York and Boca Raton, Florida. We provide service to large and small companies by implementing telemarketing programs on a local and national level. Biscayne Marketing works closely with magazine publishers to conduct a variety of circulation related programs for both controlled as well as paid.

"I have worked with Biscayne Marketing for over five years and I can always count on their company for timely, accurate and most of all, personable service.!"
Advanstar Communications

"I have worked with Allen and Biscayne Marketing for over 5 years. He handles a majority of my requalification and new business calls for subscriptions on our publications...specifically Folio Magazine and Audience Development Magazine. Allen is a pleasure to work with, meets deadlines and goals and Biscayne's rates are reasonable. His team knows their stuff and I am fully confident in the quality of their work and the fact that they will get the job done.”
Red 7 media

"Biscayne Marketing has demonstrated over time to be our most effective partner for customer acquisition and Inbound customer Service. The NY Daily News recommends Biscayne Marketing gladly..."
The NY Daily News

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  • Biscayne saves you upto 35% on your cost per complete.
  • 162 publications that Biscayne has completed surveys for in 2008.
  • 1.6 million new name and renewal surveys completed in 2008.
  • 550 agents, so capacity is never an issue.

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