Internet Business

Whether your company is launching a new ecommerce site or building its brand through an existing online channel, Biscayne Marketing is the partner you need.

Our ecommerce platform has been carefully developed to grow with your business. Scalability and flexibility are the cornerstones of a shopping cart solution that is fully integrated with our inbound call center and fulfillment center.

Driving Traffic to Your Website
Driving traffic to your website is more than just trying to attract as many “eyeballs” as possible. A strategic approach based on information contained within your marketing plan will enable us to drive the right traffic to your website. While internet marketing can be less expensive than traditional forms of marketing, you still want to be sure that your cost per lead or marketing cost per sale are within the proper range.

Biscayne Marketing uses proven strategies such as organic search, pay-per-click, email and newsletter marketing, social networking sites, press releases and other forms of online public relations to drive the proper traffic to your website.

Converting Visitors into Buyers
Testing your control ad or copy is easily done on the internet. New creative tests, offer and pricing tests, landing page tests and A/B splits are just a few standards that can be tested on your website to measure the effectiveness of a particular campaign. You can even test the effectiveness of your check out page or the size, shape and color of the “Buy Now” button using our proprietary testing tools.

Measuring Success
Evaluating the metrics your company and your industry use to measure success is key to understanding how all of the above pieces fit together. Biscayne Marketing can help interpret the analytics gathered for your website in order to fine-tune the campaign and to gain as much market share and revenue as possible.

A four-part eServices program – Internet Marketing, Internet Business Development, eCommerce Shopping Cart and Search Engine Optimization – created by Biscayne Marketing will result in reduces costs and increase sales.

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