Search Engine Optimization

The internet stores billions upon billion of web pages. How will yours be found?

Help Your Customers Find You

Search engines are the primary factor to consider when developing your web pages. In order for them to be found, search engines must be able to assess the relevance of your web page to the search terms entered by the searcher. Keywords and phrases, or the words and phrases most commonly used to search for a product or service, are at the heart of determining whether a search engine will connect your page with a potential customer.

To do this, search engines create complex algorithms that assess the words and patterns of words with the text of a web page. Therefore, a crucial part of internet marketing and search engine optimization is studying keyword searches and web traffic patterns to increase the likelihood of a particular search yielding a web page from your company’s website. Not only must your website appeal to your market, it must appeal to search engines.

Biscayne Marketing can put together a four-part eServices program – Internet Marketing, Internet Business Development, eCommerce Shopping Cart and Search Engine Optimization – to help your company find new markets and increased revenue through the internet.


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