Lead Generation

Finding New Customers
Lead generation is the key to finding new markets and new customers. Because our Customer Service Representatives may be the first contact your prospects have with your company, Biscayne Marketing mandates all Customer Service Representatives undergo extensive training, in both a classroom setting and in “on the phone” practice sessions. Finding qualified leads within a large pool of prospects is the mark of excellence in our Customer Service Representatives and the goal of cost-effective outbound lead generation program.

Second Chance Customers
Customers often need a little help in making a decision to buy. Whether it’s a big-ticket item like a car or a new brand of dog food, customers who don’t make a purchase but ask to be put on a mailing list or call sheet often represent a new avenue of sales. Sometimes called “Second Chance” customers, this group requires follow-up contact, but more than likely is already leaning toward making a purchase.

Our Customer Service Representatives can work from your database of customers and prospects to support your sales force. We can also cross check your lists against industry qualification lists to reduce the number of stale records. Using updated lists should enable your sales staff to boost sales.

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