Customer Support

Your customers expect the level of services promoted by your brand.
Your established customer support program is one of the most valuable tools you have to grow your business.

Raising the Bar of Customer Service
Having an 800 number is no longer the hallmark of good customer service. Good customer service today has evolved into creating an experience from which your customer will benefit. Caring for your customers is caring for your brand.

The customer care program we develop for your company is based on the input you provide. Like your brand and your corporate culture, the customer care program is unique to your company and centers on the needs of your customers. Our goal, and hopefully yours, is to create an experience your customer won’t forget.

Our Customer Service Representatives relate to your customers as if they were your employees. They provide the key elements of customer care: Empathy, energy and enthusiasm.

Biscayne Marketing spends a great deal of time working with our clients to train our Customer Service Representatives. We create a work environment similar to the client’s and structure the training around client’s business rules and operating procedures.

Technology Helps Us Respond Better and Faster
We employ state-of-the-art technology to maintain uninterrupted workflow. However, if the system you’re currently using is different than ours, we can either integrate it or use yours exclusively.

Our web-based reporting allows you access to real-time information such as number of calls, the duration of calls, conversion statistics and more. By measuring and analyzing this data, we can adjust each part of the program in order to optimize your call center strategies.

At Biscayne Marketing, we strive to become a true partner in the success of your business. To that end, we make sure we serve your customers in the same professional and courteous manner you would. Your customers realize the value of your brand. Trust us to help increase that value.

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