Perhaps the best way to understand how we represent and support our clients’ brands is to read what they have to say about us:

"Yesterday, I received a phone call from a telemarketing company asking for me to renew my Audience Development magazine. The individual that I spoke with was eloquent, speedy, polite, energetic and considerate on the phone. Not only that, but the script used was very well written and I may take some tips from the wording when creating my own telemarketing scripts. I wished I had asked which agency she was calling from but unfortunately, I grew shy because I didn’t want to keep her on the phone any longer than I had to. Coincidently so, Richard Greco called from Audience Development today to ask me a few questions so I asked if he would find out which telemarketing company he used for his requal work. He called me back moments later to let me know that it was our friends at Biscayne Marketing. I immediately called you after I hung up to make sure you knew how impressed I was with this individual and the work performed. Keep up the good work Biscayne Marketing."

Grand View Media Group

"I have worked with Biscayne Marketing for many years – with the New York and Florida Facilities.
I have enjoyed working with all the staff in both facilities. The Staff makes you feel like family and take great pride in completing each project on time, on budget and meets or exceeds goals everytime. I’m looking forward to working with the new facility – with no doubt I’ll have the same wonderful experience. I look forward to our long time partnership."

Pennwell Publishing

"Biscayne Marketing has been a great partner over the years in helping with my circulation efforts.
From last minute projects to regular re-qualifications -- from short forms to long questionnaires -- from high-tech magazines to pharmaceutical titles, Biscayne has been able to produce solid results at an affordable price.
Allen has helped me develop mutually beneficial partnerships with other circulation professionals, and year after year has maximized my lists to meet my goals."

Jameson Publishing

"I have worked with Allen on several large telemarketing campaigns over the past few years for all of IDG's B-to-B publications and find him to be very helpful and professional. It is a real pleasure doing business with him and his family. They really care about our success and do whatever they can to make sure we meet our goals. I highly recommend Allen and everyone else at Biscayne Marketing."


"Biscayne has managed several successful telemarketing campaigns for IDG over the past years and has done a great job helping us reach our circulation goals. The entire Biscayne organization has been a terrific partner and friend. Thank you Biscayne."

IDG Enterprise

Biscayne Marketing has demonstrated over time to be our most effective partner for customer acquisition and Inbound customer Service. The NY Daily News recommends Biscayne Marketing gladly...

The NY Daily News

"I have always found Biscayne to be very professional in their telemarketing efforts. They work with my staff to meet goals - both cost and time. And, they are just a good group of people to work with."

Pennwell Publishing

“I have worked with Biscayne Marketing for over five years and I can always count on their company for timely, accurate and most of all, personable service. When you work with Biscayne, you are hiring a company and gaining a whole family of trusted partners.”

Advanstar Communications

“I have worked with Allen and Biscayne Marketing for over 5 years. He handles a majority of my requalification and new business calls for subscriptions on our publications...specifically Folio Magazine and Audience Development Magazine. Allen is a pleasure to work with, meets deadlines and goals and Biscayne's rates are reasonable. His team knows their stuff and I am fully confident in the quality of their work and the fact that they will get the job done.”

Red 7 media

"Biscayne Marketing has been not only a "vendor" for my past circulation / audience development needs but a tremendous "partner" in reaching our circulation and audit goals for the past 5 years. Biscayne has managed many successful telemarketing projects for me - always flexible as to timing and completion, reaching above and beyond to do the job on time and correctly - great value. It is a pleasure to work with Allen and all at Biscayne."

Hearst Publishing

“I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how pleased I am with the work Biscayne has done on my various Roadshows and Conference events. My team at Biscayne has been attentive, responsive, and a pleasure to work with. The results have driven me to expand the scope of the projects I give to Biscayne and the advice you've given has always paid off in registrants, and satisfied attendees, thanks for all the hard work!”

IDG Event Marketing

“It was a pleasure working with Allen and Biscayne Marketing. Allen provided excellent service during my campaigns at a very competitive rate, and actually helped me come in under budget!. His staff was very professional and kept me abreast of my campaign's daily progress. In addition they are very knowledgeable of all BPA rules and regulations. I would highly recommend Allen & Biscayne Marketing as a professional and reliable telemarketing vendor.”


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