Call Center Management

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The Five Primary Factors for Effective Call Center Management

Finding a reliable call center that provides trusted, scalable and campaign-tested call center solutions can be a complicated process. When you begin your search for the right call center management team for your needs, look to focus on these five primary factors: Personnel, Training, Quality Control, Schedule and Technology.

Call Center Personnel Management

At Biscayne Marketing, having the proper personnel is a significant part of the success of our call center management operations. We hire our Customer Service Representatives based on the criteria our clients provide in order to service their accounts properly. Further, the hiring processes we have in place ensure that we recruit, choose and train our Customer Service Representatives properly in a short period of time. We hire the best people in order to meet our clients’ call center needs.

Call Center Training Management

Our call center training protocols are driven in large part by our clients’ business and quality control needs. We work incredibly hard to create the best call center management program for all of our clients. We continually update our call center training to incorporate new technologies and information to increase the learning experience.

Call Center Quality Control Management

The quality control systems Biscayne Marketing has in place allow both Biscayne Marketing and the client to monitor the Customer Service Representatives who support that business. Our innovative software solutions help our Customer Service Representatives improve their skills effectively and efficiently.

Call Center Schedule Management

The scheduling software Biscayne Marketing utilizes allows us to readily identify anticipated staff shortages and overages based on call projection models. Our Customer Service Representatives have a higher level of job satisfaction because they are then able to set their own schedules.

Call Center Technology Management

Our integrated call center technology management and our highly calibrated systems economically power all three of Biscayne Marketing’s state-of-the-art call centers. A variety of technological applications guarantee each client a complete call center solution that includes our Network Operations Center.

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