Next to our Customer Service Representatives, our telecommunications infrastructure is the most important element of the service we provide. Therefore, we built our infrastructure around one word: Redundancy.

We rely on superior telecommunications equipment from the best names in the industry:

AT&T Cable and Wireless

  • 52 Fiber Optic T-1 Lines
  • Circuits to POP


  • S8720 Media Server
  • 8850 Switch
  • Call Management System (with client access)
  • Phone Sets
  • Witness (for digitally recording calls)


  • 800 KVA Prime Generators

Cisco Systems

  • Routers

Dell Computers

  • PowerEdge SQL Redundant Servers
  • Pentium 4 Workstations

Biscayne Marketing Proprietary Technology

  • Direct client connection via private network
  • Predictive Dialing Engine (with dialogic telephonic boards)

Biscayne Marketing is the total solution for your call center needs. From our base system, we configure a program to fit the needs of your company and your customers. Safety, security and ease of use are all built in. Our most demanding clients have come to rely on our customized configurations. Whether you need changes made daily or monthly, we can accommodate your needs.

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