Why Use Technology to Enhance Your Brand?
At Biscayne Marketing, we believe it is our job to find the right application for the technology that best suits your needs. From customer contact, to order management and real-time data analysis, the technology utilized for your company should work to reinforce your brand identity.

We specialize in flexible and scalable information services technologies that support and maintain superior levels of workflow, customer service, customer contact and reporting.

Technology and Workflow
The ability of our Customer Service Representatives to respond to your customers’ needs is the driving force behind the technology we use. We also take into account your need for secure, encrypted payment and email communications, potential demand fluctuations during peak periods and requirements based on additional user needs.

From initial call to order shipment, technology should enhance your company’s ability to access up-to-date information. It should connect every part of the distribution channel, from the moment your customer contacts one of our Customer Service Representatives to the moment his order is delivered or service is provided. Technology is what unites every department and connects every part of the process.

Proprietary Software Development
Our software developers write programs that make it easier and more efficient for our Customer Service Representatives to take orders and service your customers. The software is also readily integrated with all other client systems for analyzing data. Based on your business rules and the situations your business encounters, our software is thoroughly tested before launch.

Our Corporate Culture
Innovation is encouraged at Biscayne Marketing. Our corporate culture rewards expertise that is developed in response to a client’s needs. From proprietary software to process integration, Biscayne Marketing will always try to find the best way to achieve your goals.

Working Together
Software developers at Biscayne Marketing meet regularly with a client’s information technology staff and the brand manager to review the program. Input is requested from the IT staff in order to ensure smooth data transmission from Biscayne Marketing to the client’s site. The brand manager provides information regarding customer response and the business needs. Together, the team evaluates the program and determines what, if any, adjustments need to be made. Our developers believe that the end result of their knowledge and expertise must be a satisfying customer experience that also meets the objectives of the client.

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