Data and Reporting

Numbers, numbers everywhere.

Interpreting raw data can be at best, time consuming and frustrating. At worst, if done incorrectly, it can lead your marketing department to create a sales plan that won’t be met.

Biscayne Marketing provides a customizable structure through which data can be provided. We create data analysis programs that analyze your specific input criteria and deliver output that is relevant to your sales and marketing plan.

Online Access to Reports
One of the major advantages of the internet is the ability to deliver real-time reports in a secure environment. You no longer have to wait for a messenger or overnight service to deliver the data you need for an important meeting. Simply login to the web directory created specifically for your company and read the reports online or download them for electronic distribution or printing.

Biscayne Marketing uses Dell Computer PowerEdge SQL Redundant Servers. All new equipment supports open architecture that allows us to add and upgrade components based on each client’s needs. New software programs, additional databases and other data is integrated through automated DTS packages and File Transfer Protocol. The careful planning and structuring of our system allows for rapid data formatting and organization to create XML and .csv files.

Our systems support a variety of data types, such as reports and PDF documents that contain unstructured data but are easily read and organized. New types of data and data linking technologies like images to relational tags, XML and File-Stream are also supported on our state-of-the-art custom built platforms.

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