Call Center Technology

At Biscayne Marketing, state-of-the-art call center technology is just one reason that some of the country’s leading companies have chosen us to help them grow their businesses. We excel at using technology to enhance our operational capabilities in order to gain experience and provide to our customers proven results.

Biscayne Marketing has established quality control procedures and network operations that are part of the state-of-the art call center technologies that make it possible for us to acquire additional customers for you while also taking care of your current customers. Contact Biscayne Marketing today to learn more about how our cutting-edge call center technologies can help you.

The Network Operations Center and Call Center Technology

Biscayne Marketing has a technologically advanced, state-of-the-art Network Operations Center that allows us to access reports, in real-time, how the flow of traffic is moving on the hundreds of thousands toll-free numbers we use and monitor. This enables us to increase the efficiency of each call and to provide a much more cost-effective solution to our clients. The Network Operations Center at Biscayne Marketing monitors all customer contact methods from a central location. Powered by the most enhanced technology in the industry, our Network Operations Center is able to constantly improve response times and can adjust to any need that may arise.

Quality Control and Call Center Technology

Caller satisfaction determines the success of every campaign in which we participate. We make sure each and every call is handled correctly by placing a very high priority on customer satisfaction. Our Customer Service Representatives have access to advanced call center technology to guide them through the process.

We monitor our Customer Service Representatives while they are on calls and provide them with ongoing training. Our clients also take part in monitoring calls and providing guidance. Our quality control process allow our clients to:

  • Monitor calls in real-time or from recordings
  • Listen to the call or review a transcript
  • Provide business rules for each type of call
  • Build customized scripts
  • Review system usage to determine if goals have been met
  • Receive charts and reports to view trends or areas needing improvement

Request More Information Regarding Call Center Technology

Biscayne Marketing can meet all of your call center technology needs. We have the best capabilities in the business. Call 561-994-6445 or send an email today to get started.

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