Customer Contact Center

All customer contact centers have individual strengths. When reviewing call centers, it’s important to remember that you’ll need one large enough to support your business and your customers. However, you’ll also need one whose corporate culture and dedication to excellence matches yours.

At Biscayne Marketing, we’ve worked very hard to create customer contact centers that are large enough to support the needs of our largest clients. We also take great pride in knowing that we maintain a superior level of customer service.

The Biscayne Marketing Difference

Because we have three strategically located call centers, we have the staff and network capacity to handle even the most demanding and complex campaigns. We have the ability to provide the support you need as your company grows and you gain more customers.

Each of our customer contact centers has integrated staffing, scheduling and operations management. The technology we use allows us to provide your company with the perfect customer care, customer acquisition or sales program you need.

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We Set the Standards for Customer Contact Centers

The customer contact centers operated by Biscayne Marketing follow very strict management and operational protocol. Our supervisory and management staff work with every member of the team to make sure that each and every call and customer contact is handled smoothly and efficiently. Each member of the team also understands that he or she has a responsibility to the team and will be held accountable for his or her actions. We provide the training, support and technology to make sure each project we develop meets our exacting standards as well as yours.

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