Customer Service Outsourcing

Your decision whether or not to outsource your customer service operation will likely be based on a number of factors. While equipment and staffing expenses may be reduced, you need to make sure that the company you outsource to will handle your customers as expertly as you would. A critical point of an outsourced customer care center is to make sure your customers feel as if they are communicating with your employees. Your outsourced customer service company should not only understand the technical details of your product or service, it must also support your brand and your bottom line.

Reporting, monitoring and data analysis are also crucial to judging and maintaining proper work flow and performance. Critical to the success of any campaign is your call center’s ability to adjust to surges in peak demand times. Biscayne Marketing has been providing some of the largest companies in the country with customer contact outsourcing solutions for almost two decades. We have the experience, expertise and technological knowledge to provide the best solution for your company. Call us today to see how you can take advantage of our core competencies so you can focus on yours.

Whether or Not to Outsource

One reason many companies choose to outsource their customer service center is because it places such a burden on existing resources. Establishing or maintaining a customer service is an expensive and time-consuming venture. Not only does it require extensive financial capital, it requires human capital as well. By outsourcing your customer call center operation, you’ll be able to focus on your core business and improving your margins. Biscayne Marketing can help with whatever solution fits best with your model. If you need a full-service customer service center, we have the skilled Customer Service Representatives, technologically advanced facilities and infrastructure in place to serve your customers. Alternately, if you need a program to supplement yours during peak times, we can support that as well.

Outsourcing Customer Service to Suit the Needs of Your Company

Biscayne Marketing develops a unique customer service outsourcing plan for each client. Because each company and industry has unique challenges, the plan we develop for you will take into account your corporate culture, brand identity and market. We train our Customer Service Representatives in every aspect of your business, and our resources, technology and flexibility are all put together in a way that best suits the needs of your campaign. We can create a program for any number of objectives.

New customer acquisition – We can help find new markets and new customers to maximize the return on your investment

Customer Service – We deepen the relationship your customers have with your company

Direct response campaigns – We handle millions of calls accurately and efficiently Cross-sell and upsell – We know your products and services and are able to enhance your bottom line Business-to-business programs – We excel at reducing your cost per sale

Outsourcing Customer Service with Biscayne Marketing

Biscayne Marketing hires, trains and retains the finest professionals in the telemarketing industry. Our Customer Service Representatives are among the most highly trained and skilled, and we routinely provide additional training so they become well versed in your products or services. They become your front line advocates by promoting your brand and your company at every opportunity. They, and we, take this responsibility very seriously. We invest in our people, our facilities and our technology to ensure that you and your customers are always taken care of. We are tireless innovators, stretching the limits that others in the industry place on their operations. Our customized outsourced customer service solutions can provide the tools you need to optimize each and every campaign.

The quality control procedures and standards we set are among the highest in the industry. We demand that each of our employees in every department follow and maintain proper protocol. Finally, our real-time data analysis and reporting structure allow you to track how we’re doing.

Request More Information Regarding Customer Service Outsourcing

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