Direct Response Marketing

Our direct response marketing clients need to see the highest returns on their investments. We’re here to make sure that happens.

Biscayne Marketing supports a wide range of direct response marketing clients in a variety of industries. It’s quite possible that a consumer who calls a toll-free number he or she saw in a broadcast ad will be speaking with a Customer Service Representative at Biscayne Marketing. Our staffing and scheduling software, combined with our technologically advanced call centers and highly trained personnel, make us the logical choice for many direct response marketing companies.

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Direct Response Marketing: Equal Amounts of Art and Science

Our job is to function as a logical extension of our clients’ operations. To do so, we focus on all aspects of our services, which includes direct response marketing. The approach we take is equal parts art and science. The art of marketing is the creative process and strategic planning. The science is the technologies used to find new and exciting markets and having the facilities to service the new customers within those new markets.

Direct Response Marketing and Service

Biscayne Marketing has established direct marketing service teams to not just meet the goals you’ve set for your program, but to exceed them. We have the solutions you need to take your marketing strategies to the next level.

Direct Response Marketing and Shared Services

Some of the country’s largest direct response marketing companies contract with Biscayne Marketing for shared operator services. This ensures the ability to receive real-time results. These services are typically the strongest for product ordering, data capture and cross-sell and upsell programs.

Direct Response Marketing and Web-Enabled Services

One of the most cost effect ways for your customers to reach you is via the Internet. It’s become a powerful tool of direct response marketing. Biscayne Marketing supports web-enabled services to provide customers a quick and easy way to communicate with you. We support all aspects of direct response marketing with our web-enabled services.

Some of the largest and best direct response marketers in the country use our services to make the right impression on their customers.

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Biscayne Marketing can meet all of your direct response marketing needs. We have the best capabilities in the business. Call 561-994-6445 or send an email today to get started.

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