Inbound Call Center

The solutions Biscayne Marketing offers our clients include a full-service inbound call center that is geared toward helping them acquire more customers. We also work to lower operating costs and increase margins.

Biscayne Marketing employs a dedicated group of professionals to staff our inbound call center services. The team includes Customer Service Representatives who handle live-calls, and supervisors and managers who work to make sure all of the criteria you have set forth are being adhered to. We also use fully integrated Interactive Voice Response and web-enabled services to upsell your current customers. We also prepare call volume and customer care models that help us determine how best to service your customers and sell your products. And, we are able to do this while on the line with your customers.

Gaining New Customers Through an Inbound Call Center

Biscayne Marketing is the vendor of choice for many companies that depend on an inbound call center to attain new customers. With 20-years of experience with a variety of industries, we provide a substantial benefit over our competitors. At Biscayne Marketing, we’ll create a customized inbound call center plan for your company based on the business objectives you provide.

Our inbound call center services are based on:

  • Efficient and cost-effective inbound call center programs
  • Data capture and confirmation
  • A reporting structure to help analyze each campaign
  • Operational protocol that ensures customer satisfaction
  • Services to increase ROI
  • Well-trained, dedicated staff

By choosing Biscayne Marketing as your inbound call center, you’re choosing a strategic partner capable of serving your business needs.

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