A Leader in Inbound Telemarketing

The inbound telemarketing programs created by the conscientious and knowledgeable team of direct marketing professionals at Biscayne Marketing provide 24/7, high-volume Internet and telephone services. We respond to customer inquiries or advertisements from broadcast, print, direct mail and the Internet.

A large percentage of the customer calls generated from direct response broadcast promotions are taken by an Biscayne Marketing inbound telemarketing call center. Our clients include some of the most well known financial services, consumer goods, direct response and telecommunications companies in the US. Most of these are leaders in their industries because they advertise their products and services on television using a toll-free number, so having a responsive, seasoned team to answer their customers’ calls is crucial to their success. See below to learn more about Biscayne Marketing inbound telemarketing solutions.

The Inbound Telemarketing Solutions at Biscayne Marketing:

  • Inbound telemarketing to reduce your cost per call
  • Inbound telemarketing to increase your captured response rate
  • Inbound telemarketing to elevate your ROI
  • Inbound telemarketing to immediately measure results

The finest premium brands use Biscayne Marketing for their inbound telemarketing needs. We offer expert advice and solutions for each stage of their direct response campaigns.

Scheduling and Staffing for Inbound Telemarketing

The direct response campaigns launched by our clients typically result in a high volume of calls and usually require a quick response to broadcast advertising spots. Biscayne Marketing has established proven methods of scheduling and staffing to make sure that each incoming call is handled efficiently and properly by our inbound marketing professionals. We track incoming call flow in order to make real-time improvements to increasingly complex call models and patterns. We provide our clients with effective and efficient scheduling and staffing solutions based on their needs.

Inbound Telemarketing Applications

Product and service sales, prospect lead generation, customer surveys and customer service are among our core services. Biscayne Marketing can easily support inbound telemarketing and the unique call answering demands for financial services, consumer goods, direct response and telecommunications companies.

Inbound Telemarketing Phone and Internet Inquiries

Well-trained Customer Service Representatives and experienced supervisory and management groups staff all three of our inbound telemarketing call centers. All three call centers are also equipped with automated and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems that offer the highest standards in quality control, flexible service options and the scalable capacity you expect.

More About Inbound Telemarketing

The experience Biscayne Marketing provides in inbound telemarketing can ensure the success of your next campaign. Call us today to discuss the specific inbound telemarketing needs of your company with one of our inbound specialists. He or she will gather the information needed in order for us to create a custom inbound telemarketing program that will help meet the goals of your marketing campaign. Call 561-994-6445 or send an email today to get started.

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