Back Office

Fax and Email Solutions
We can respond to faxes, emails and live web chats as easily as we can a phone call. Whatever the form of communication, it is routed to a Customer Service Representative in that area who is best able to respond to the inquiry. We make it easy for your customers to contact you the way they prefer. We are also able to handle non-scripted fax requirements if our Customer Service Representatives are asked to do so.

Data Entry and Database Creation
Biscayne Marketing has a large bank of data entry stations. We can provide “intelligent read” data entry services for just about any direct mail or calling campaign. Because database creation is becoming an increasingly important part of customer relationship management, we can establish a multi-function database.

High-Speed Scanning
For some projects, high-speed scanning proves more cost effective than data entry. When an “intelligent read” is not needed, scanning is a quick and efficient option.

Customer Correspondence
Biscayne Marketing provides mailroom services as well as phone, fax and email support. We can receive, sort and batch all white mail sent by your customers. We can respond to white mail with standard responses or with custom written letters based on the business rules your provide. Or, we can use your customer relationship management program to prepare a response.

Payment Processing
Our mailroom service can provide payment processing services that include sorting and batching orders, processing receipts and depositing checks, cash and credit card payments. All of this is done within a secure area of our secure facility.

Our in-house print shop can generate personalized letters in response to customer requests. Complete with logo and a signature, a personalized response is often much more meaningful than a generic letter.

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