Mail Order and Ecommerce

Biscayne Marketing built its business in Mail Order and Internet Sales, it’s the very essence of our company.

We’re here when your customers are ready to buy.
The internet, and a significant improvement in the ability to process ecommerce transactions securely, has drastically impacted the mail order and catalog industries. Mail order and catalog companies, along with traditional brick-and-mortar retailers, now spend an ever-increasing portion of their marketing budgets to advertise online. Because it has a relatively low cost of entry, the internet is also forcing margins ever lower. Companies that focus on providing value added services and building brand loyalty now are more likely to withstand increased competition.

Industry leaders in several areas use Biscayne Marketing for our knowledge and expertise in their industries because we supply email, live chat and phone as options for their customers for get Biscayne help.

We specialize in supporting multi-channel retail because we realize that each of these channels represents a different segment of our clients’ markets. Biscayne Marketing can help to improve sales, strengthen customer and brand loyalty and reduce operating costs for our mail order, catalog and ecommerce clients.

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