Offshore Call Center

Biscayne Marketing has built a new state-of-the-art facility in St. Lucia. This has allowed us to reduce operating costs while still having access to a reliable, well-educated and English speaking labor pool. By opening our new offshore call center in St. Lucia, we’ve been able to provide an additional level of service to our clients.

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Biscayne Marketing is the Provider You Need

Our offshore call center solutions provide our clients with a tremendous list of benefits. Our St. Lucia facility delivers exceptional cost-effective service and impressive campaign results. The primary features and benefits our offshore call center are:

  • Lower operating costs
  • Well-educated labor pool
  • High job satisfaction among Customer Service Representatives
  • Technologically advanced infrastructure
  • Stringent data security

Most companies today are looking to substantially reduce costs while continuing to provide exceptional service to their customers. The offshore call center solution Biscayne Marketing provides through our St. Lucia facility will help your company achieve both of these goals. Our solutions will help lower your costs and still provide your customers with the service they’ve come to expect.

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