Audience Development

A current database is a crucial tool for connecting with your customers and prospects. Over time, the information contained in your database gets stale: Businesses move or are assigned new area codes or zip codes, employees leave and new ones are hired. If the information in your database isn’t current, you won’t be able to announce a new product or service in a personal way. Biscayne Marketing can update your database to make it’s current. Your sales force will be much more efficient with a current list.

We can customize a program to suit your specific needs. Validating an entire list can be done in less time than you think. We’ll make sure that your database contains all current information along with email addresses and fax numbers if you need them.

Our Customer Service Representatives use automated stations so that time is not wasted with invalid numbers or busy signals. We think the training we provide our Customer Service Representatives with is the best in the industry. They’ll handle the call quickly and efficiently so as to not take up more of your customer’s time than is necessary. We take great price in representing your brand to your customers.

We are members of BPA and ABC, and proudly serve on the Teleservices Committee of the BPA.

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