It’s certainly a difficult time to be in the publishing industry. Competition from content published on the internet, combined with a significant increase in printing and mailing costs, have made it difficult for publishers to retain subscribers. And, finding new qualified subscribers is even more challenging in an uncertain economy.

Biscayne Marketing can help your company navigate this difficult business environment. We built our business – and our reputation – on outbound circulation. We’ve worked with publishers for almost 20 years. We are experienced in working hard to retain and increase your subscription base.

Our services include:

  • Subscriber Acquisition
    • Controlled Circulation – We will requalify current subscribers and qualify potential subscribers.
    • Paid Circulation – We can renew current subscriptions as your last effort and help to acquire new subscribers.

They types of calls we most typically receive from your customers are:

  • Change of address
  • Subscription cancellation
  • Subscription renewal
  • New subscription
  • Back issue request
  • Editorial comments
  • Advertising inquiries
  • General comments or questions

We are members of BPA and ABC, and proudly serve on the Teleservices Committee of the BPA.

Over the years, we’ve built relationships with major fulfillment and mailing houses. We can review your current program and offer suggestions on how to cut costs and make obtaining renewals and acquisitions more profitable. By letting us manage a turnkey program, you can focus on keeping your business healthy.

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