Crisis Management

How your company handles the initial phases of a crisis could affect how it is viewed when the crisis is over.

No matter how many precautions your company takes, there may come a time when an event out of its control affects the products you manufacture or sell. Natural disasters, production errors, even rumors can spark a crisis in one or more of your distribution channels. Contacting your customers first, rather than waiting for them to contact you, is a strategy that proves to them you care about their health and safety.

Whether it’s a car seat or pet food, your customers trust that what you sell is safe. But, if for some reason a product you manufacture or sell is recalled, you’ll want to reach your customers quickly. You’ll want to reassure them that you are there to help correct the problem. And, you’ll probably want to let them know that you will do whatever it takes to regain their trust.

Biscayne Marketing Customer Service Representatives undergo hours of training to learn how to deal with your customers in a crisis. Our management staff also becomes involved in day-to-operations of crisis management. While they can’t make a crisis go away, they can lend a calm, reassuring, professional hand to an otherwise difficult situation.

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