Disaster Recovery

Our commitment to serving our clients doesn’t stop in the event of a disaster. As part of Biscayne Marketing’s “best practices”, we have established disaster recovery and business interruption procedures to ensure that we will always be able to support the needs of each and every one of our clients.

Phone Switch
Each of our three facilities is equipped with two servers that run two phone switches. One server/switch acts as the main server one acts as the backup. Should the main server/switch go down, the monitoring system automatically transfers calls to the backup server/switch. In the unlikely event that both servers go down, calls would be rerouted to a different facility. The rerouting plans we create are prepared with our clients’ needs in mind.

Computers and Servers
Each of our three facilities is equipped with a generator that starts automatically within three minutes of a power outage. The generator supplies power to all “operation critical” systems including phone switches, servers, racks, Customer Service Representatives computers and phones, supervisor stations, HVAC and alarm systems. Each of these is also equipped with a battery backup system that provides power for 30-40 minutes to ensure proper transition between actual power and generator power.

We plan carrier and network services for each of our clients based on their needs. We have a number of services available such as, Hot Stand By, Automatic Trunk Reroute, Timed Automatic Trunk Reroute, On Demand Trunk Reroute, Take Back & Transfer, Unsupervised Trunk-to-Trunk Connections, and Independent RespOrg. Each of these supports multiple carrier database distribution.

Alternate Sites
Disaster recovery and business interruption plans are prepared with your input based on your needs. We can redirect calls to one of our other facilities or follow a different routing plan within a carrier’s network. Our goal is to continue to serve our clients and their customers even in the unlikely event of a disaster.

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