Biscayne Marketing understands the need for both physical and data security for each of our clients’ programs. We have established very rigorous security measures to ensure that neither our clients nor their customers are compromised by any action or inaction on our part.

Our Security Procedures are as follows:

Physical Security

  • Each facility is equipped with an entry point code access only
  • Each facility is equipped with a video monitoring system
  • The server room in each facility is located within an additional secure area with limited access
  • Supervisors continually walk the floor to monitor Customer Service Representatives and have been trained to quickly spot a compromise of client data
  • Data is backed up daily and weekly and stored offsite in a secure, fireproof facility

Data Security

  • Our local area network is protected by a firewall to prevent outsiders from getting in
  • All work-stations are password protected
  • All passwords are changed monthly via a mandatory prompt system
  • Accounts and passwords for past employees are disabled
  • All passwords are encrypted
  • All facilities use a network intrusion detection system
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