CRM Tools

CRM tools and customized call center applications are a big part of why we excel at what we do.  Several of our clients look to us to develop and build customized platforms to solve their customer contact needs.  Commercial CRM packages don’t offer the full range of solutions that a custom platform can.  Further, commercial packages are often much more expensive than a customized solution and don’t provide the scalability needed for a growing business.

Biscayne Marketing uses ASP, HTML, VB, VBscript and javascript for developing GUI applications for use on our Customer Service Representatives monitors, scripts that allow for a simplified workflow.  Customer-prepared reference material like FAQs and customer contact data are always readily available for access by our Customer Service Representatives.  We can also link your internal system to ours for a fully functional CRM platform.  The GUI programs we develop enable us to offer a variety of flexible solutions for each of our clients.

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