Telemarketing Outsourcing

Some of the largest companies in the country choose Biscayne Marketing to meet their telemarketing outsourcing goals. Whether it’s to support the launch of a new product, a direct mail campaign or a seasonal increase in calls, we’re ready with the staff and resources you can count on. You don’t have to hire and train additional people because we’ve already done it.

Biscayne Marketing is unique in that it has all of the tools it needs readily available to offer a full-service solution for outsourced telemarketing. Our three facilities are fully staffed, have the technological capabilities and the infrastructure to supply solutions across a number of industries.

Telephony and Communications Consumer Goods
Financial Services, Banking and Insurance
Healthcare and Pharmaceutical
Travel and Hospitality

Our Network Operations Center

Our Network Operations Center is the driving force behind our state-of-the-art facilities. The systems that run on this network handle millions of customer communications for many of leading marketers in the country. Our technicians monitor all aspects of the network at all times, and can make adjustments quickly based on trends in various client programs or unanticipated national or world events.

Our History of Telemarketing Outsourcing

For 20 years, Biscayne Marketing has been supporting the telemarketing outsourcing needs of some of the largest companies in the country. We’ve created an environment of innovation, cooperation and knowledge that serves our clients and their customers with one of the highest levels of service in the industry. Our telemarketing outsourcing solutions are trusted across the board to enhance brand reputations and to help our clients find new customers. Please call us to request more information about how we can customize an outsourced telemarketing program for your company.

Request More Information Regarding Telemarketing Outsourcing

Biscayne Marketing can meet all of your telemarketing outsourcing needs. We have the best capabilities in the business. Call 561-994-6445 or send an email today to get started.

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