Account Management

The goal of the working relationship between Biscayne Marketing and its clients is to create an exceptional experience for every customer. Not just once, but every time.

Establishing the Team
Biscayne Marketing places a tremendous emphasis on team building. In order to create a cohesive team, we work with our clients to establish common goals. To achieve these, we hold a “kick off” meeting with each new client to ask pertinent questions about corporate culture, the market and why consumers prefer a particular product or service to another. We also review the following in detail:

  • Marketing campaigns and materials
  • Operations
  • Product development
  • Quality control
  • Technology
  • Training procedures

During our initial meetings with each new client, estimated volume forecasts and service levels are evaluated in order to determine the appropriate level of staffing. Time frames are established for each department and each member of the team is responsible for completing the tasks assigned with the scheduled time in order to be ready for the program launch.

Creating Training Materials
To ensure that each customer is provided with the same exceptional level of service, written training and process materials are prepared and provided for client review. Once approved, they are used as part of the training process so that each Customer Service Representative knows exactly what is expected of him or her. Following established protocol for each call ensures a satisfying experience for each customer.

The Management Team
The responsibility of the management team is to determine the reporting structure required by each client to track results. Biscayne Marketing has a cache of standard reports that can be used for most clients, but excels at creating custom reports that focus on specific needs. The management team constantly monitors the effectiveness of quality control methods and standards so that ongoing improvements can be incorporated quickly and efficiently. Finally, a client’s marketing materials such as banners and posters are placed throughout the call center to remind each Customer Service Representative that he or she is a steward of the brand.

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