Email Support

Technology has made it possible to add an additional channel of communication.

Allowing your customers to contact you via email, either through a link or contact form, has become a standard way for them to get the information or help they need. It’s fast, easy and you may find it easier to convert a customer who has made the first contact.

Developing a follow-up email message program to send to a customer after he’s made a purchase is a tried-and-true way of keeping the lines of communication open with a customer. Email campaigns can be used to upsell or cross-sell a customer or to him know about upcoming specials.

Email can also be much less expensive and time consuming than traditional direct mail, with results that can be measure in days or weeks instead of months. Biscayne Marketing is expert at articulating your message, as our Customer Service Representatives undergo training to write correctly for the email medium. While email is less formal than a traditional mailed letter, it must still represent your brand.

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