Sales, Cross-Sell, Upsell

Our sales team supports your sales plan.

Biscayne Marketing understands that your sales plan – and the route you take to get there – is unique to your company. We base our sales, cross-sell and upsell programs on the rules you provide. We realize that cross-selling and up-selling are more than just offering an additional product to increase the total sale. They are about offering a complementary or more valuable product that better connects your brand to the customer, while increasing your bottom line.

How we support your sales plan is up to you. We’ll follow the rules you provide and make sure opportunities for additional sales, cross-selling and upselling are not lost.

Building Relationships
Making a sale and gaining a new customer is great. But keeping a customer and providing him with continued value and service over the years is what builds your business and your brand. Our Customer Service Representatives are trained to drive repeat business to your company. After all, they’re consumers too.

Our Customer Service Representatives are Your Sales Team
Our hiring procedures are as stringent as yours. We want to make sure that the people selling your products and your brand fit with the corporate culture you’ve created. We make sure that our training and your guidance create a superior experience for your customers. And, we ask you to participate in that training.

We work very hard to become part of your sales team. We learn every part of your operational structure by having our Customer Service Representatives visit your facility to experience your corporate culture and see how your business operates. We train our people as if you were training them so your brand, the essence of your company, is communicated to every customer.

Technology, Strategy and Reporting
At Biscayne Marketing we can design the best technology for your sales and strategic plans. Our proprietary software programs may offer the best solution. Or, maybe a combination of your current program combined with ours is the right solution. Either way, taking an integrated approach to your needs will help to establish the best possible infrastructure.

Reports such as seasonal trends, inventory levels and monthly sales are only a click away with our web-based real-time reporting. You’ll be able to review conversion percentages, peak time periods and every other statistic you need to make a successful program even more successful. If you already have a reporting structure that works for you, we’ll integrate any information you need into your existing reports.

We’re Customer Centric
Your customers want to speak with articulate, smart and helpful Customer Service Representatives. Ours are just that. They will not only meet the expectations you and your customer have, they will exceed them. Selling, cross-selling and upselling are just one part of the overall job that we do right for you.

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