Order Management

The Customer Service Representatives at Biscayne Marketing are more than mere order takers. Because they are trained extensively in your specific business rules and operating procedures, our Customer Service Representatives make a connection with your client.

Who’s Taking the Order
Our hiring process has been established to select the best candidates for your brand. Beyond selecting individuals with the right temperament, attitude and aptitude, we provide extensive training in your business rules and operating procedures.

Our Customer Service Representatives will turn your customers into the best brand advertising you can have.

Technology Helps the Process
Our IT department can integrate your current order management system or create one based on a survey of your goals and needs. Either way, the order management system (OMS) for your company will suit your needs, not ours.

Real-time reporting allows you to check inventory levels, monthly sales, the effectiveness or the effectiveness of an ad campaign. Having access to raw data allows you to adjust and optimize your OMS immediately and effectively.

Protecting Your Customers
Perhaps no other issue in commerce today is as important as data security. Biscayne Marketing takes this issue very seriously and maintains strict security protocol for all data for all clients. Our protocol includes but is not limited to:

  • Controlled access to all buildings
  • Restricted access to client and customer data
  • Password protected access to network operations

An order management system needs to do two things: It needs to provide you with order data in the format that is the most cost effective way for you and the most expedient way for your customer.

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